Nha Trang Sea Festival, one of the most significant and distinctive events in Khanh Hoa, will kick off on June 3rd, 2023. Nha Trang will light up with over 1,653 lighted drones, 700 performing artists, singers, and actors such as Vo Ha Tram, Truc Nhan, Isaac, Hoa Minzy… along with more than 70 exciting activities and events, promising to be an attractive destination for this summer.

The artistic light performance with 1,653 lighted drones sets a record unprecedented in Southeast Asia.

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2023, themed “Khanh Hoa – Aspiration for Development,” is the 10th festival of Nha Trang City, featuring an impressive scale and elaborate investment in unique art programs that showcase the harmonious blend of traditional cultural colors with contemporary and modern culture. These include artistic performances, the fashion show “Khanh Hoa – Connecting Love,” the grand music festival “Echoes of the Ocean”…

Notably, the festival will feature the internationally renowned Ever-Glamour Nha Trang 2023 Light Art Show. This is the largest light art performance in Vietnam and breaks the record in Southeast Asia with over 1,653 lighted drones.

This performance will last for 15 minutes, where 1,653 drones will illuminate the night sky of Nha Trang with impressive artistic formations synchronized to modern music, harmonized with indigenous musical elements controlled by international experts. It will provide the audience with a sense of Nha Trang’s rich and evolving cultural identity, with its breathtaking natural landscapes, lush forests, and vibrant ocean.

In addition, during the Nha Trang Sea Festival week, numerous activities and events will take place until June 6th, including the Thung Swimming Contest, the “Nha Trang 2023 Paragliding Festival,” the Fishing Contest, the Culinary Contest, the Sea Rescue Competition, and the Bicycle Parade.

Artistic activities such as the Ngư Bridge Festival, human chess matches, folk games like “singing Bai Choi,” traditional opera performances, and folk ball dancing will also take place. There will be scientific seminars, art exhibitions, art displays, sports activities, festivals, national and international tourism events, and more.

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