In addition to beach activities, trekking and camping have become an essential and appealing experience when visiting Nha Trang. If you don’t have enough time or budget for an extensive expedition, Co Tien Mountain is the top choice for young people who want to enjoy the fresh outdoor camping atmosphere.


Co Tien Mountain in Nha Trang – An ideal destination for trekking and overnight camping.


When talking about Nha Trang, we think of its blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine. Besides engaging in exciting beach activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, or paragliding, trekking and outdoor camping to appreciate the natural beauty have also left a lasting impression on visitors.


So, which trekking and camping spot in Nha Trang is the most suitable? Waste no time and take out your pen and paper to jot down some essential information about Co Tien Mountain – the hottest trekking and camping area at present.


Co Tien Mountain is located in the northwest of the city, in Vinh Hoa Ward, just a 10-minute drive from the city center of Nha Trang. With an altitude of about 400m, it consists of three consecutive peaks, offering challenging trekking trails suitable for different fitness levels.


With its panoramic view, easy accessibility, and a 360-degree view of Nha Trang’s coastline, Co Tien Mountain is an ideal place to admire the city’s sunrise in the early morning, enjoy the refreshing breeze, go camping, and witness the most beautiful sunset in Nha Trang. With such a stunning view, you only need to raise your camera to capture countless high-quality Instagram-worthy photos.


You can choose to conquer a mountain and return to the city on the same day, or camp overnight to enjoy the fresh and cool air, stargaze from above, and marvel at the vibrant night view of Nha Trang. These will undoubtedly be unforgettable memories.


How to get to Co Tien Mountain: From the city center, follow Pham Van Dong Street to 18 Ngo Duc So Street, in the Duong De area, Khanh Hoa. There, you will find a grocery store at the foot of the mountain, which is the starting point for trekking.


For those who love trekking, the ideal time is between 3-4 pm daily. With decent physical health, it takes only about 45-50 minutes to reach the first peak of Co Tien Mountain. The most challenging section of the journey is the trail from the first peak to the second peak due to its steep slope. However, if you have the energy and stamina, you can continue climbing to the second and third peaks. Properly arranging your time will ensure that you capture the most complete sunset moment.


For those who prefer overnight camping, if you and your group enjoy activities like campfire, grilling, singing, and admiring the city from above, you can choose to set up camp at the first peak. It provides an ideal camping location with flat terrain and beautiful scenery. However, when camping, you must be well-prepared with equipment, supplies, and safety knowledge to ensure a safe and successful trip.


If you lack experience in trekking or camping, it is recommended to join a local group or hire a local guide to assist you, or visit organized camping sites to ensure a safe and excellent experience for you and your family.


Ideal overnight camping sites in Nha Trang:


Sao Bien Tourist Area: Located on the Binh Lap Peninsula, one of the Four Binh Tien renowned spots in Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa. This place is approximately 90km from Nha Trang and 30km from the center of Cam Ranh city, making it easy for you to travel to Sao Bien by motorbike or car.


Dai Lanh Tourist Area: Located about 80km north of Nha Trang city. It is built right next to Dai Lanh Beach, belonging to Dai Lanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province. Overnight camping on the beach is an activity that cannot be missed when you come here. Everyone gathers to set up camps, light fires, barbecue food, have fun, sing, and enjoy themselves.


Diep Son Island Camping Area: Diep Son Island is a small island nestled in Van Phong Bay, belonging to Khanh Hoa province, famous for its unique underwater walking path. The beachside camping area offers outstanding natural scenery with lush green surroundings. Tent rentals range from 200,000 VND per day, while bungalow rentals cost 400,000 VND per day.


However, if you are not fond of outdoor activities or do not feel comfortable staying in the forest or mountains, you can still enjoy your trip to Nha Trang with numerous other captivating and poetic destinations and exciting entertainment spots.