Scuba diving in Nha Trang is no longer unfamiliar to tourists, but the allure of this activity never diminishes. If you also appreciate the vibrant beauty beneath the vast ocean, then visit the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang and experience this exciting activity with Seaesta Hotel!

Nha Trang’s coral reefs boast over 1,500 species of hard and soft corals, including 450 rare coral species found worldwide. They form a diverse ecosystem, acting as the green lungs of the deep ocean. Every year, Nha Trang attracts millions of tourists, who can easily explore and admire the coral reefs by snorkeling with goggles and a breathing tube. For proficient swimmers, they can opt for scuba diving with an oxygen tank to delve deeper and witness more majestic underwater scenes.

Snorkeling is suitable for observing coral reefs located near the shore, exposed coral formations, and areas with relatively shallow water where coral viewing is easily accessible.

Scuba diving, also known as diving or scuba, is the premier and most sought-after diving service in Nha Trang. To organize scuba diving, it requires deep water and the most beautiful coral reefs. Additionally, some knowledge of diving is required, but rest assured, there will be instructors to guide you through the process. Even if you are a beginner, the diving professionals will provide training to familiarize you with the equipment, and most services offer one-on-one assistance to ensure the safety of visitors during their ocean exploration journey.

Recommended coral reef viewing spots in Nha Trang:

  1. Hon Mun Marine Protected Area: Located near Hon Mun Island, approximately 30 minutes by boat from Cau Da Port. It features over 80 species of coral, sea anemones, and around 70 varieties of marine fish.
  1. Bai Tranh Nha Trang Tourist Area: Situated on Hon Mieu Island in Nha Trang Bay. With a beach length of around 500m, it is divided into two distinct sections—one side with pristine white sand and the other with fascinating rock formations.
  1. Diving at Monkey Island (Hon Lao): Located about 18km north of Nha Trang in Nha Phu Bay, this place is renowned for its monkey island and orchid island. The beach on Monkey Island has been preserved for a long time, allowing the coral reefs and rocky shores to maintain their pristine appearance.
  1. Binh Ba Island, Cam Ranh: Located in Cam Ranh Bay, approximately 20 nautical miles from Nha Trang, it boasts numerous unique and beautiful beaches. Notably, it features stunning exposed coral reefs that everyone dreams of visiting at least once.
  1. Hon Mun Marine Conservation Area: Located southeast of Bong Nguyen Island, quite far from the mainland at approximately 12 nautical miles. It is the first marine conservation area in Vietnam, housing over 1,500 coral species and thousands of different fish species.

With the desire to provide meaningful journeys for visitors, Seaesta Hotel Nha Trang always innovates and explores captivating services to serve its guests. It serves as an ideal stopover, a perfect combination of accommodation, resort facilities, and support services, offering immersive coastal experiences such as SUP paddleboarding on the sea, camping, mountain climbing, and coral reef diving.

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